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Itco Radial Drilling Machine

ITCO Indian Machine Tools Corporation has skillfully developed new product range as manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of radial drilling machines. Radial drilling machines are used where heavy or large jobs are required to be drilled or numbers of holes are to be drilled in one setting. The machine’s centre distance is larger than pillar and bench drill machines. The machines are used in jobs such as sheet metal operations, furniture parts, agriculture, etc to name a few. The machine serves as an indispensable machine for a machine shop. The machine has got two motors; one for spindle, other for the up down movement of radial arm. We provide auto feed machine with three feeds and fully geared transmission. The drive comprises of alloy steel parts and hardened and ground spindle. The spindle is precision ground to provide accuracy within close tolerances. The base plate is made right angle to the spindle and machine maintains its rigidity even when largest radius is applied to drilling operations.

ITCO All Geared Radial Drilling Machine 40MM


Automatic Grade Semi-Automatic, Manual
Hole Diameter 0-25 mm, 25-50 mm
Max Spindle Speed (rpm) 800
Drilling Capacity In Steel 40
Drilling Capacity In Cast Iron 46
No of speeds 9
Speed range 35-800
Morse Taper In Spindle MT-4
Spindle Travel 7″
Pillar Diameter 180
Gears lubrication Oil bath
Speed range 35-800
Type of autofeed Mechanical
No of speeds 9