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Itco Multi Spindle & Special Purpose Drilling Machine

ITCO Indian Machine Tools Corporation has enviable product range when it comes to its venture into machinery as manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of multi spindle drilling machines in India and abroad. Multi spindle drilling machine or SPMs are among the special purpose applications available with us. Multi spindle is used where we need to drill simultaneous holes on a job on a flat surface such that the centre of the holes together form a PCD or pitch circle diameter. However we provide a fixed centre solution for a given number of holes to be drilled over a PCD. Also the minimum distance between two holes has to be above a specified limit. Multi spindle attachments can also be fixed over auto feed, radial, pillar or bench type of machines as per the job demands and production quantity. Customized solutions are available for given requirements of job and various tooled up solutions can also be provided to the clients depending on their needs and budget constraints.

Multi spindle jobs are found usually in a production scenario where large numbers of holes occur over a small area such as fastenings, flanges, couplings, etc. These jobs and applications consume more time as drilling number of holes varies considerably than using a single tool engaging with the work-piece.


Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Automatic Grade Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual
Hole Diameter 0-25 mm, 25-50 mm
Number Of Shaft 3, 4, 5, 6, >6

Backed by huge industry experience and market understanding, we are involved in offering a wide array ofITCO Multi Spindle Drilling Machine for our valued patrons.

We seek job drawings or pictures to provide you a customisable quote.