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Itco Auto Feed Drilling Machine

ITCO Indian Machine Tools Corporation has long cherished its journey as manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of drilling solutions in India and abroad where auto-feed drilling machine has been a notable development. We have mechanical and hydraulic operated machines in our automatic/ auto-feed drilling machine solutions. Even customization of both these popular models is available depending on job details provided by the customer. The machines offered are sturdy in construction with hardened and ground spindle. Also they are available both for semi automatic and automatic operation allowing to keep labour dependence to an minimum. Generally z-axis automation is provided in the auto-feed models.

ITCO All Geared Autofeed Pillar & Column Type Drilling Machine


Drilling Capacity In Steel 40
Drilling Capacity In Cast Iron 45
No of speeds 9
Speed range 35-850
Morse Taper In Spindle(Hardened-Ground) MT-4
Spindle Travel 210
Pillar/Column Diameter 180
Round table 580
Square table 432×432
Centre distance 300
Ram diameter 85

ITCO Hydraulic Auto Feed Drilling Machine


Drilling capacity in steel 25/32 mm
Spindle morse taper MT-3MT-4
Spindle travel 165 mm
Spindle speed (8 Nos) 80, 150, 220, 320, 580, 950, 1420, 2080
Pillar Diameter 90 mm
Distance spindle to column 240 mm
Max distance spindle to table 560 mm
Max distance spindle to base 1065 mm
Table working surface 400 x 400 mm
Motor 2 HP, 1440 rpm, 3 Phase

The mechanical model has oil dipped gears that provides continuous lubrication besides keeping wear tear low and operating temperature under control. Spindle is provided with three feeds as per the desired operation selection. In hydraulic, while choosing for automation one has the options like automatic/ pneumatic clamping of job so as to achieve minimum values of cycle time. The skill and effort required is considerably reduced by automation and low cycle times ensure higher productivity. The parts of the machine and electrical are of standard make and use standard modules of construction.

While z axis is provided with auto feed in mechanical type, in hydraulic it is programmed into using a PLC to carry hydraulic load. Auto feed drill press or the mechanical model machine has got fully geared drive for transmission and it can achieve 9 speeds. Both machines are competitively priced and also can be customized as per job requirements with various compatible attachments available with us