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Itco Range of Drilling Machines

Drill machine also referred to as a drill press is a mother machine tool used for the tool room. Traditionally the drilling machine has undergone a lot of changes since its primitive first design as a bow drill. Today drilling machines are repeatedly used in every industrial house ranging from sewing machines up to the aerospace industry. One of the best judges of the drilling machine quality is the die maker as the outcome of their product depends on the quality of the drilling machine. Drilling machines are one of the widest used machine tool in the industry nowadays. Thousands of machines from Itco drilling machine group stable are in service and the who’s who of the industry take pride in using the Itco drilling machine brand name. With the grace of almighty Itco brand resonates with drilling machine in the Indian machine tool industry particularly in bench and pillar drilling machines.

SALIENT FEATURES Hardened and ground 6 splined Spindle has run-out 15-20 micron bettering standards and MT taper is ground. Casting is made from close grained CI of Grade-25(250 BHN). Drive has got 6 bearings 2 Taper roller bearings and 4 ball bearings in spindle, pulley, bracket & its cup. Moving parts are of alloy steel, accurately machined and ground. Machine has 8 speed gear drive; perfectly balanced with alloy steel gears. Heavy duty, double geared Work Table has machined T slots with clamping system and 40 micron squareness. We perform ISO like quality improvement; give application support & 2 yr warranty.

  • becnch

    Bench Drilling Machine

  • pillar-drill

    Pillar Drilling Machine

  • gg

    Geared Type Drilling Machine

  • spindle-machine

    Multi Spindle & Special Purpose Drilling Machine

  • hydraulic

    Autofeed Drilling Machine

  • radial-drillig-machine

    Radial Drilling Machine

  • tapping

    Tapping Machine

  • drilling-tapping

    Drilling Cum Tapping Machine